Need more CDL drivers for Troop 68

Become a Texas CDL driver and help drive the scout bus to events and functions. [CDL Manual]

Did You Know?

Every hunter in Texas (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete a Hunter Education Training Course. We offer the course at Troop 68!

Alcohol Stoves

Did you know: Alcohol stoves can NOT be used in any scouting Activities according to BSA’s 2009 policy on the storage, handling and use of chemical fuels and equipment.

A Scout IS:

  • Trustworthy
  • Loyal
  • Helpful
  • Friendly
  • Courteous
  • Kind
  • Obedient
  • Cheerful
  • Thrifty
  • Brave
  • Clean
  • Reverant

  • Scout Oath: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the scout law; To help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight

  • In Memorium

    Leave No Trace

    LNT Skills: (Leave No Trace). The guideline on urination is simple: Do it at least 68 steps away from camp and water sources. Disposal of solid waste, how-ever, requires more thought and effort. Find a place at least 68 steps away from campsites, trails, and water, use a trowel to cut out a plug of sod about five or six inches in diameter. Lay that aside and dig a cathole about six inches deep. Use toilet paper sparingly and either bury it in the cathole or carry it out. Do not burn it - the chances of a fire spreading are too great. Cover the hole with the plug of sod.

    Ever wonder.... what if there were no hypothetical questions?


    Welcome to Troop 68 located at 407 N. Mesquite in Arlington, TX. 76011-7128. Troop 68 is a member of the Cross Timbers District #29 of the Longhorn Concil of Texas. Troop 68 is located in North Arlington at the Richey/Yarbrough Scout Facility, across Mesquite street from the First United Methodist Church of Arlington.

    About Troop 68

    Troop 68 started its first charter in October of 1929 and we have been going strong for over 80 years, graduating over 160 Eagle Scouts.

    We are a High-Adventure, Boy-Led Troop with activities such as Camping, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Rifle & Shotgun Shooting, Boating, Fishing, and Lots of Outdoors Programs to build Strong Leaders in the Troop. Our meetings are each Tuesday Night, 7:30 - 9:00 PM at our Scout Hut with a youth leadership meeting for patrol leaders and scouts in various positions of responsibility at 7:00 PM under Adult Leadership.

    Troop 68 can also help your Den and/or Pack by providing Den Chiefs, a pack meeting program and bridging ceremonies for Tigers through Webelos. We can provide the ceremony document for you to use or we can provide you a full service where the Troop puts on the whole ceremony.

    Monthly Campouts are Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Each campout has a theme. Like Capture the Flag, Rock Climbing, Rifle/Shotgun, Canoeing, Sailing, Cold Weather, etc.

    High Adventure: Our Venture Crew takes week-long hikes in the Weminuche Wilderness, La Garita, Big Bend, Uncompahgre to get their High Adventure thrills, as well as canoeing and kayaking.

    Summer Camp: is a week-long adventure in places like The Spanish Peaks, Colorado or Red River, New Mexico or beautiful Gunnison, Colorado. While camping in a pristine forest, you work on merit badges, outdoor skills, games & other activities led by our Merit Badge Counselors.

    Facilities: Troop 68 meets in the Scout Hut across the street from First United Methodist Church, Arlington (our sponsor) on Mesquite street. The Scout Hut was designed specifically for this Troop, called the Richey/Yarbrough Scout Facility.

    Transportation: Troop 68 has its own 60-person bus to safely transport boys on Troop campouts & activities away from the Scout Hut. ALL of our drivers maintain a Texas Department of Public Safety issued Commercial Drivers License for passengers.

    Equipment: Troop 68 owns enough canoes for the whole Troop and a few sailboats from a Sunfish to an 18-foot sailboat. Troop 68 provides tents, cooking gear, backpacks, lanterns, chuck boxes and all the other supplies for camping trips. The boys need to only supply personal equipment.

    Advancement: In our Troop, you earn merit badges and advancements (called ranks) that show the skills you have mastered. The highest and most recognized rank is the Eagle.

    Leadership: Troop 68 is truly a boy-led Troop. With guidance from the adult leaders, the older boys plan the meetings and campouts and all aspects of the Troop functions. The Senior Patrol Leader and other support staff (older boys) run the weekly meetings. There has been times when the meeting didn't go according to plan, but our boys learn from their mistakes and grow in their leadership by doing.

    Adult Leadership: Troop 68's Scoutmaster is Greg Browning. Over 45 additional adults assist him in all aspects of the program. The Boy Scouts of America performs a background check on all adult leaders. The Troop provides leaders with Youth Training and other BSA training and abides by the BSA child protective policies (YPT) in accordance with our Charter Organization.

    Structure: Each patrol works as a unit within the Troop. The patrols compete against other patrols; learn skills together; camp together; plan and cook their meals together and learn to function as a team.

    Ideals: The leadership skills, character and maturity acquired as a Boy Scout of Troop 68 help develop boys into respected and successful adults. The Order of the Arrow assists in the development towards manhood.

    If Troop 68 doesn't look right for you, that's OK, just do us a favor and find a Troop you like and either get your boy started in Scouting or keep him in Scouting... it is the best thing you can do for your boy.



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    Joining Troop 68

    No Previous Scouting experience is required!

    Would you like more information about Troop 68? Contact Greg Browning, our Scoutmaster, at 8178465376 (or) contact our Committee Chairman, Brian Greer at or 817-360-2382, or stop by and visit our troop during one of our meetings on Tuesday nights, 7:30 PM, with youth leadership meetings beginning at 7:00 PM before the meeting. Be sure to check our CALENDAR before you come out and [HERE] is a map of our location.

    Troop 68 Map

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    • Registration (annual fee) is $70 per boy due before end of December. Men's Dues are $50 per year.
    • Weekend Campouts: (leave Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon) $20-$30 for transportation, equipment and campsite fees with $10-$15 for patrol cooked meals and $5-$10 for lunch stop on return. . Sunday Lunch Fee: This is an extra $5 or $10 you stick in your boy's pocket for the stop on the way back on Sunday at an inexpensive fast-food restaurant. Patrol Meal Fee: This fee is usually not known till Friday when we leave. A boy in the patrol will be assigned (or volunteer) to be the food purchaser for all the boys in the patrol (3-8 boys). He purchases all the food required for his patrol to eat, and this fee is divided among the boys. Each Patrol creates their own meal plan and cooks their own meals (except the Fun Campout). Since some boys aren't able to purchase the food till that Friday evening, the amount is not known. This fee is usually around $10 - $15 and covers Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast... not bad for 4 meals.
    • Summer Camp Fee: Approximately $250 one-time fee if you are going to Summer Camp. Roughly $100 for equipment and class supplies, $100 for food and $50 for transportation. This fee is not due till before Summer Camp, sometime in May, the deadline is the Friday we leave. This fee includes three meals per day (sometimes 4), snacks, dessert, lodging and transportation for 8 days, and any additional emergency supplies your boy may need.
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    Troop 68 Scoutmasters

    These are the men who helped shape many men's lives, old and young alike, at Troop 68
    Scoutmaster Dates of Service
    Linus C. Thomas 1929
    J. Boyd Lawson 1930 to 1957
    Jimmie Kevil 1958
    Denzil Huff 1959 - 1960
    Woody Wisdom 1961
    Dick Springer 1962
    Bill Blair 1963
    Floyd Cash 1964
    Kirby Betts 1965 - 1966
    David Karthauser 1967 - 1968
    Fred Strange 1969 - 1971
    John Bradshaw 1972 - 1973
    Dr. Craig (Doc) Poindexter 1974 - 2013
    Eric Maginnis 2013 - 2014
    Greg Browning 2014 - Present

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