Patrol Leader

Job Description: The Patrol Leader (PL) is the elected leader of his patrol. He represents his patrol on the Patrol Leaders' Council.  He reports to the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL). 

One of the great secrets of successful Patrol leadership is to share leadership with members of your Patrol. As Patrol Leader you are not expected to be the best at everything. Maybe your Second or number three in the Patrol is a better hiker than you are, or is more interested in orienteering than you - so let him take charge of the planning and organization of the Patrol hikes or orienteering exercises. In a strange way, the more you share your leadership, the stronger will be the Patrol, and the more firmly your position as Patrol Leader will be entrenched.  A Patrol leaders job is to lead. This is a job in itself, so you will normally not take on any other duty.


Patrol Leader duties:

  1. Appoints the Assistant Patrol Leader (APL)

  2. Represents the patrol on the Greenbar meetings (shows up with ideas)

  3. Plans and steers patrol meetings

  4. Helps Scouts advance by having them bring their books and knowing what the need to work on.

  5. Acts as the chief recruiter of new Scouts, friendly, courteous, kind...

  6. Keeps patrol members informed (by email and calling)

  7. Knows what his patrol members and other leaders can do

  8. Sets the example of how a Patrol Leader should behave

  9. Wears the uniform correctly

  10. Lives by the Scout Oath and Law

  11. Shows Scout spirit