Mike Senio

1926 - 2006


Family and friends of Troop 68 are remembering an 80-year-old entrepreneur and friend of Scouting who was hit and killed crossing an Arlington street overnight in October of 2006.  The accident which led to Michael Senio's death occurred in Arlington Texas just after midnight.  "He was a collector," says Rosemary Hamilton, his daughter.  She said he also loved the car wash the family run in Arlington.  "Since March, when he had his open-heart surgery, it was what he lived for," Hamilton added.  The family had gone there on Friday night to clean up.  "He wanted to get a drink across the street," Hamilton continued.  It was while crossing the street that he was hit and killed by a vehicle.  No charges were filed against the driver.  Senio worked for 35 years as an aeronautical engineer on the shuttle program.  He was about to celebrate his 54th wedding anniversary in October 2006.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mike's family and the young man who hit him... there was nothing he could do to prevent the accident.
(picture of Mike at Troop 68 Summer Camp in 2001)