Troop 68 Eagle's Nest

The tree that never had to fight, for sun and sky and air and light, That stood out in the open plain and always got its share of rain, Never became a forest king, but lived and died a scrubby thing. The man who never had to toil, who never had to win his share Of sun, sky and light and air, never became a manly man, But lived and died as he began. Good timber does not grow in ease. The stronger wind, the tougher trees, The farther sky, the greater length, the more the storm, the more the strength. By sun and cold, by rain and snows, in tree or man, good timber grows. "Good Timber" Author - Douglas Malloch
1931 Gathings Stewart Wilber McFarland

1937 Jack Alexander Luther Morgan Denzil Huff Fred Bondurant
1938 Elton "Bo" Brogdon

1939 George Dickey Jr.

1943 Bill Bondurant Lynn Willis (10)

1944 Eugene Schrickel

1946 Marvin Willis

1949 Paul Carter James Caviness

1950 Paul Roberts Earl Warren

1954 Kenneth Blocker Jon "Jake" Dews David Larson
1955 Matt Blanton (20) Allen Price

1957 Arnold Clifton Gary Key Porter Pierce
1960 Mack Bagby

1961 Rex Madden (30)

1963 Keith Hahn Johnny Merrill

1964 David Gilstrap

1965 Richard H. Rau

1966 Terry Madden

1967 David Karthauser Steve Smith Robert Wegner Jr.
1968 Rush Pierce Jr. Steve Lappin (40) Michael Hill Charles Barrett
1969 Floyd Cash Jr. Richard Heitt Dudley Hodgkins
1970 Robert Richey Craig Paustian Lloyd Kevin Grant Robert Litchfield
1971 Ben Pierce  (50) Mark Richey Stuart Shipley Carl Yarborough
1971 Gary Hahn Scott Ramsey

1972 Arthur Loomer Stephen Wilkinson John "Marvin" Willis Terry Lewis
1973 David Bushart (60) Randy Parker Fred Strange Jr.
1976 Allan Poindexter Mark Fratto Allen Reid Jesse Adams
1978 Kim Davis Sean Coleman

1979 Mark Poindexter Randy Boyd  (70) David Hixon Mark Hixon
1980 Michael Rising Philip Green David Clarke Bill Blinn
1980 Peter Silvester Steve Barnes

1981 Stuart Thomas William Wade II  (80) Nelson Claytor
1982 Kenny Overstreet Christopher Cade Matthew Cade Scott Walker
1982 David McNeill Chris Ferrell Walter Merritt Whitney White
1983 Prescott Coleman (90) Paul Thrower

1984 Robert Stadler Dwayne Hutchinson Wayland Weatherred Scott Pierce
1985 James Risinger

1986 Mike McNatt Jack Burnett

1987 Jerome Rogers Mike Troup (100) Todd Percival Scott McNeill
1988 Neil Gamblin John Binion

1989 Jon Marshall Scott Glubke Jason Burkett Brad McCorkle
1989 Michael Peterson Steve White Scott Walton
1990 Jeff Overstreet (110) Robert Gamblin

1991 Jason Metcalf

1992 Jeffrey Cloud Donald Gaster Todd McNeill
1993 Todd Troup Jason Rodgers

1994 John A. Henley Scott Fitzgerald

1995 Christopher Altman (120) Bryan Henry Scott Rodgers
1996 Curtis Quint Larry Eugene Bowles

1997 Brice Quint William Jarvis Joel Smith
1998 Ian Fairchild

1999 Ross Williams

2000 Derek Alexander  (130) Chris Sandwell Allen Bowles Tony Griffo
2000 Dustin Henry Toby Hamm Doug Quint  
2001 Brian Fratto Jeremy A. Fusco

2002 Philip PJ Fratto Derek Rau  (140) Ben Stevenson
2005 Ben Caldwell David Gorrell Mike Hamilton Eric McGinnis
2006 Brian Hamedi Mason Jackson

2007 Ryan McGinnis

2008 Lee Arnold Patrick Caldwell (150) Collin Hamilton
2009 Sean Chang Matthew Gartman Brian Overstreet Alex Peterson
2009 Ben Bridgmon Chris Shelton Grant Kee Matthew Gomez
2010 Michael Baker (160) Craig Shelton Ben Hebron  
2013 Thomas Kee     Top

Troop68 Alumni Association

Troop 68's Alumni Association has been promoting the ideals of Scouting since 1929. Thanks to the support of our dues-paying members, the Association continues to provide strong Scouting programs and services for the entire Arlington metroplex area for 80 years. Troop 68 Alumni Association (T68AA) is a membership organization that serves the boys of Troop 68, the Longhorn Council, FUMC of Arlington and our Community. The T68AA works to enhance and advance the boys in our community to become strong leaders and capable assets to the community. For more information on how to become one of our distinguished Alumni, contact Troop68 Alumni Association, P.O. Box 2045, Arlington, Texas, 76004, 817.228.4849.


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