Meet Troop 68!

Meet TROOP 68 Troop 68 feels strongly that the Troop is for the boys. The Troop is intentionally designed to run on the leadership of the boys. In this way, a boy can learn the value and responsibility of leadership, a hallmark of the American scouting program. While the Troop is large, each boy is active in a subdivision of the Troop called a Patrol. A patrol is made up of 6 to 10 boys the same age and about the same rank level. The patrol stays together once it is formed, advancing and growing together. Each new boy patrol has a Troop Guide, and each older patrol has a Patrol Leader, who is himself a scout who has attained First Class. Older boys may participate in the Venture Program. The scouts must be at least 14 years old and have attained the Star Rank to participate in this program. Venture scouts are grouped in a Crew consisting of 6 to 10 scouts, with adult leaders assigned to assist them. The venture scouts enjoy rock climbing and mountain biking activities, in addition to the other activities of the Troop. The organizational structure of Troop 68 allows a boy to enjoy the benefits the troop offers, while keeping his day to day activities at the smaller patrol level. On a typical camp out, there my be 20 to 30 boys attending, with at least 10 adult leaders also in attendance.

AN AWARD WINNING TROOP Troop 68 has been continuously sponsored as a Boy Scout Troop since 1929, currently holding the honor of a "80 Year" Troop. During that time period, the Troop has produced over 165 Eagle Scouts. Nationally, only about 2% of all scouts attain the Eagle Rank, while in Troop 68, 11% of its boys have achieved the Eagle Award. The Troop has also won many of the local competitions among Troops sponsored by the District and Council. Finally, the Troop is recognized annually by the Boy Scouts of America as a National Quality Unit. There is an effort to have a balanced program between advancement and outdoor experiences. Troop 68 achieves that balance. Troop 68 is able to attain this level of participation by its insistence that an active scout is a happy scout. The requirement that the meetings and camping trips be attended by each scout is an effort by the leadership to keep the scout active.

THE PARENT'S ROLE IN TROOP 68 A successful Troop becomes that way through the involvement of the parents and volunteers interested in scouting. You have apparently actively encouraged you son's involvement in scouting. It is imperative that the level of involvement continue, if not grow, as your son does. Talk to the Scoutmaster, Doc Poindexter at 817-658-6664 or any of the Assistant Scoutmasters for further information or visit us online at

You will love Troop 68!